• Currently, EU law (specifically EASA flight / cabin crew duty limitations) would not allow for such a service.EASA law dictates a safety limitation of 18 hours maximum duty time for pilots and cabin crew (which must include pre-flight briefing and preparation).The flight over from FRA may scrape ...

  • Being a minor av geek - I wonder which route has the largest capacity (being that SYD MEL is almost exclusively single aisle).... LON NYC has appox 12500 flights a year all 777, 747 and 787... with other city pairs having similar wide body traffic.... anyone know the busiest?

  • First Class to Stanstead??Somewhat like taking your limo through the McDonald's drive through on the way to stay at a Holiday Inn Express...

  • Exactly...... If anything, the BA forward / back arrangement has always allowed for more leg room in the sleeping position than any other fully flat config (save the endangered QF skybed mark 2)

  • 10 across in Y on a 777??? I'm out!!!! Emirates has much to answer for standardising this config!!! (j and f look great though)

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