• Agree with the above posts, just cheap of QF not being willing to pay for Flagship Dining access for First Class pax on QF8..

  • I’ve been PPS for years and this isn’t the case for me.

  • Lufthansa also does this with Lufthansa Private Jet. NetJets is their partner and this can be used independendently of a Lufthansa flight, or as a connecting service. Europe, the US and Asia are covered. Each flight awards 10,000 Award, Status and HON Circle miles. Status bonuses stack too, so Fr...

  • Andaz Sydney hotel to open in 2022

    Mar 12, 2019, 08:39 PM

    Great news. This has just reminded me that Crown has been taking a lonnng time and doesn’t look to be opening anytime soon.

  • Breakfast in the SEN lounge is a fairly basic but inoffensive hot buffet. I wouldn’t recommend schlepping all the way to the other lounges as the LH lounge is right between security and your gate. The other lounges will be 10+ mins walk in each direction further from your gate.

  • VA actually have unpublished (externally) velocity business class award seat black-out dates for LAX flights (and presumably other routes) which tend to coincide with school holidays (including all of December and January).

  • Less exciting for an Aussie audience but Lufthansa almost without fail delivers luggage with HON (First) tags first, then Priority (SEN/Star Gold/Business), then regular bags. Just yesterday I arrived at LHR T2 and noticed again how efficiently it worked. Agree though at SYD and with QF/VA it doe...