• Very jealous of your being back up in the air...Great choice of power adapter too David!

  • This is pretty exciting! I dibs the upper deck!

  • The 'Cabana' lounges are great in CX Hong Kong, so bring them in. Also, bring 'Ronaldo' from the Singapore Lounge over. He is faultless in looking after me when ever I show up in the lounge.

  • I’ve asked the management of loyalty this specific question, and they were pretty clear that the costs outweighed the benefits to Qantas.I know I’d appreciate the benefit as a nice to have.I also know that I spend so much time on commercial aircraft, that the last thing I want to do...

  • Review: Qantas London Lounge

    Dec 05, 2017, 03:00 PM

    If Qantas hold true to the additional service that they have for First and P1 passengers in the Singapore and HK lounges, then you may not notice. Priority showers, reserved seating, and an 'under the bar' drinks list are pretty good.

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  • The benefit I use the most is priority upgrades... Jumping above all the Platinum requests is worth it (especially for an A380 First seat)

  • Hey There, I have been P1 since the end of 2011 (missed out on the launch but qualified a couple of months later).My travel is 95% international, and it is definitely worth while when you are flying on Qantas metal. Also just received my annual bottle of bubbly today. I get treated as a First Cla...

  • Qantas and One World becoming a joke

    Jul 26, 2018, 12:39 PM

    Current Terms and Conditions are available at https://www.qantas.com/au/en/frequent-flyer/the-qantas-club/terms-conditions.htmlLooking at the website today, it seems that the longest membership available is now 4 years.Best point of contact is the Frequent Flyer Membership team. Contacts are on t...

  • It is true that there is little to no danger of cellular connections interfering with aircraft communications in general, provided everything is in good working order. If there is an equipment failure or damage to an aircraft however, there is a possibility that radio interference could become da...

  • The upgrade is more likely between LAX and JFK (and return). Between SYD and LAX (and return) the business cabin runs pretty full, and you are behind Chairmans and Platinum One (and anyone travellingwath them) in priority for upgrade.

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