• Amsterdam is an excellent European port. It would be great if QF51 from BNE to SIN was rescheduled to better connect with this flight (and QF1 to LHR). Almost 7 hour connection is too long.

  • It looks beautiful. But don't the opening hours seem a bit odd? People connecting from QF9 will have to go elsewhere if they have an early connection to Europe out of terminal 3 and it closes 45 mins before QF2 departs. It's fine for departure of QF10. Or am I wrong?

  • But I don't get jet lag on the way to Europe and I feel semi-human for the majority of the day after an early a.m. arrival. It is the trip back to OZ that gets to me with the night-day-night-day in 24 hour cycle experience. I am a zombie for the first week back at work. It would be great if QF co...

  • Great if your a parent of young kids. But if you aren't a parent or your parental leave days are in the past it's not of much interest. Now family pooling as offered by Velocity is a great member benefit and would prompt me to return to QF.

  • The commitment to priority baggage for high tier FFs is a bit of a con anyway. The number of times I have had to wait until the carousel is almost empty and everybody else has their bag before mine arrives. I don't think priority baggage should be offered as a member benefit if it isn't guaranteed.

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