• I think the author has misunderstood the lounge access policy. The way I read it, is that anyone travelling on Q9, that qualifies for lounge access, can access the new lounge.   If that were not the case, it would most likely generate a storm of negative publicity, from day one.

  • The headlights and side profile have a definite Rolls-Royce fell about them.

  • CX gives everyone with Marco Polo club membership priority boarding which is why the priority queue often appears longer than the economy queue.

  • Yes, the JAL website. Given the summer departure time of 00:45, and the Qantas lounge closing at 23:30, Qantas may not work. The Cathay lounge probably also isn't ideal as it would be full at this time.

  • This would appear to be the lounge that JAL is directing passengers to for their Melbourne -> Tokyo flight.

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  • Given that the official channels are not working, you try going to the top. The (former?) CEO does not appear to be listed on LinkedIn, however Peter Bellew COO is, and his summary says "I can simply get things done – quickly and with no fuss.", whilst his job description says "Operationall...

  • You could try visiting Sawara/Katori. It has some nice old buildings and canals, along with an interesting museum to the person who mapped Japan. Not sure that I would bother with the botanic gardens as it is somewhat isolated and the busses don't run that frequently.http://www.japantimes.co.jp/l...

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