• Mark i did it many time in Sydney due long line for security at the Airport it allways work out way quicker then standing in line for 10 mins on average

  • Smart business decision on Qantas part lest labour involved putting them on there and taking them off all while saving on small portion of fuel across the whole business...

  • May 02, 2017, 08:26 AM

    I would be tipping BNE -DFW for Dreamliner and axed A380 service from Melbourne in March 2018  to take over BNE - LAX as currently expansion in place for Brisbane International with additional A380 gate being bulit. Plus Qantas wont be keeping all the same configuration on all dreamline...

  • This is real reason why allan jorcye did not announce premium economy seats for 787s when did the rebranding announcement as they will get full refurbishment and rebranding at the same time along with check that were mentioned in the article . 

  • Did any one think this could be just another way round credit surcharges and booking fee as they will be losing money in that area so now just sting you with seat fee charge instead. After all this does take affect 7 days after legislation changes.

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