• Correct me if i'm wrong but none of these cards give a good long term option for a 1 point/$ VISA/MC option?ANZ card is closest to it but the $5k cap is a bit of a downer. 

  • Virgin Money cuts credit card points

    Dec 17, 2015, 04:40 PM

    With this news in mind, is ANZ Black now the best VISA/MC earner for potential velocity points? (1 to 1 I believe). Anyone else?

  • I called and got put on to the 'floor supervisor'. She offered me 10,000 points which I took seeing as I wasn't affected as much as others and only had 45,000 points anyway!

  • Perfect timing!! Business class award flight booked for Sunday night on the A380. Chauffer will drop us off at 8ish. Thanks Qantas points!

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