• stunning...beautiful hatch

  • RIP superjumbo: Airbus axes the A380

    Feb 15, 2019, 09:08 AM

    I feel rather ill by the news. The last of aviation innovation out the window. Sure efficiency in fuel etc are nice but nothing that stands out as a great flying experience with the A350, B787, etc. Like the Concorde and B747 before it, A380 is an aircraft that generates excitement and is a thril...

  • Good. Should never have been on the table. Some airlines have this option because they don't have a budget carrier like Jetstar. Qantas already has this option with Jetstar. If I wanted buy on board I would naturally gravitate to Jetstar. Enough said.

  • This saddens me a lot. So many things adding up here including the new Berlin airport which is still yet to be completed 4 years on and would have allowed Air Berlin bigger aircraft into the city :(

  • Only allowing people with boarding passes beyond security? Yes that would kill off Qantas and Virgins boarding room hire spaces. Not to mention those who simply want to come and have a coffee with their loved ones before take off. I understand some measures should be taken but this is a...

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