Qantas 787 flights on domestic route Nov-Dec 2017

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Quick question and apologies if there hasn't been any news on this yet but does anyone know what times/ QF flight number the 787 will be flying on for domestic legs during Nov-Dec before it goes internationally from MEL-LA? I heard that they would be east coast focused only so Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane routes. Thanks guys.


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AusBT hasn't published anything yet as Qantas hasn't published any fornal schedules yet


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This is from Routes Online:

QANTAS in a recent schedule update filed preliminary domestic service by its new Boeing 787-9, currently set to operate from 06NOV17. Between 06NOV17 and 14DEC17, the Dreamliner is scheduled to operate the following service.

Melbourne – Perth
MEL departure: QF775 Day x67, QF769 Day 7
PER departure: QF772 Day x67, QF776 Day 7

Melbourne – Sydney
MEL departure: QF442 Day 6, QF460 Day x67
SYD departure: QF439 Day 6, QF497 Day x67

At the time of booking, flight information continues to display Airbus A330-200 aircraft operating, however the seating configuration is J42Y194 (Premium Economy sold as Economy), instead of J28Y243.

The planned 787 operation remains subject to change.


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That info is well out of date according to Qantas, and some people who booked those flights have already seen them swapped back to an A330. This is why AusBT hasn't published anything yet: we're working with Qantas on being able to share its 'most final' schedule this week, although that will of course still be subject to change due to 'operational requirements'.


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Well we can only work off the info that gets published... noting that Qantas (and airlines in general) say many things.


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I was on one of the QF776 flights that had been upgraded (by good luck), and it is no longer a 787 (and has now been downgraded to a 737!). Talk about taking a fall (was originally an A330).

I'll continue to monitor the situation though :)

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Me too now I’m on a crappy old plane and arrive in Mel after 11pm at night !


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Melbourne – Sydney
MEL departure: QF442 Day 6, also appears to be a 737 now

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