• should it be possible to book flights from australia to europe on JAL then? or only aus to japan

  • DoubleplatinumIf youre gonna spend 165 AUD to get into the lounge just to drink... you would probably get much better value just sat at a bar in the airportThe price is definitely not worth it but that's fine... it will only appeal to those sad people who can't handle being in an airport without ...

  • but Dubai terminals have free shower rooms...Then you can just go to a restaurant and pay for whatever meal you want... have some champagne... and still probably spend less than $100

  • Dumb question... but Is this flight daily?

  • If you have mid tier status you get lounge access anyway. Or there is priority passExtra luggage can be useful yeah, especially on a big trip like a honeymoon... but even if you just paid for the extra luggage, you'd still save money/points

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  • What is in your tech 'go bag'?

    May 02, 2017, 01:13 AM

    For toothbrush look at the sonic chic... the Urban is smaller but powered by battery, whilst the Deluxe is stronger, a bit bigger, and powered by USB. Both great for travel

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