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    Feb 21, 2019, 10:56 AM

    bought these recently, but incompatible with Windows10 so can't use as light-weight alternative for VOIPotherwise, they are comfortable in ears, especially as other styles are not for someone who needs to wear glasses

  • 1 - yes - JAL started this service in September 2017 2 - yes - I"ve done this twice in the last 12 months by indicating "transit" as the reason on your immigration form > first time I stayed at one of the airport hotels, and it was included in my booking and paid for by the airline> second ...

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    Mar 16, 2018, 12:03 PM

    like HugoDrax, on my previous visits I wandered about until I found the lounge the first few times Chris - for the non-coffee drinkers, did you notice if you still need to go the barista station for tea?

  • reeves35 beat me to it slightly, but quote from the article is "high flyers won't be force-fed kale and quinoa"I can only say "thank you"

  • agreedhalf the price, acres of space, self-contained and no hidden fees

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  • in my experience, usually about 1 week after flight occurs

  • Melbourne F Lounge usually closes much earlier than the JAL flight is called, so you end up in Mahaba regardlessI prefer the smaller satellite lounge at NRT - and depending on your transit time, it's basically deserted after the morning rush

  • Getting from JFK to Washington

    Jul 04, 2019, 04:32 PM

    Immigration can be hit/miss at any major port; a lot depends on how many other flights arrive at the same time, and from where.If you are first time on your current ESTA there is (at least in my experience) a separate queue, and often it's way shorter/faster.If it's not your first time on your cu...

  • you're probably going to have to do a mix/matchnormally I would suggest you do the whole route by JAL too, but the night flight out of MEL does not seem to hit connections to US so well - most seem to have a long layovera quick google indicates that it's nearly an 11 hour transit with change of a...

  • Agree with 3Jhave sat in that row on a LAX/JFK sector and it's an experience not to be missed

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