• What a shock that Qantas announce these flights the day after Virgin announce MEL to BNK. Also muscling in on Link Airways on the BNE to CFS route and Fly Pelican on CBR to BNK. Great for people living in Ballina/Byron region, they can now choose from FP, VA, QF, ZL and JQ, plenty of co...

  • Living in Adelaide I'm happy to hear this, E190 much nicer flying on than 737 which i get sick of flying on, so will be great to happy on the E190 with Qantas/Alliance! 

  • Feel like REX would be better off flying routes that Virgin/Qantas don't, there are plenty of gaps in the market in Australia. Such as Jetstar only flying ADL-HBA and vv, no other airline does this flight and its a late at night flight and only twice a week, if REX did this as a day flight i...

  • Don't think they are going after those people.People who usually fly with Jetstar and Tiger, people who aren't ff members or don't have a lot of points and just want a cheap fare will be the market they are going after. They will be competing with Jetstar. 

  • Good on REX for trying this. Will be interesting to see how they go. If they can be better than Jetstar but not as expensive as Qantas then they will get business. Looking forward to trying them out when they fly out of Adelaide. 

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  • Malindo Air Denpasar (Bali)-Adelaide

    Mar 05, 2019, 10:40 AM

    Route is confirmed ADL to KUL via DPS, Starting 01 April 2019, times have been loaded into gds systems for travel agents, but flights have not been announced in the media yet and fares are not on sale yet and schedule is not loaded onto Malindo Website. 07:40 ex ADL arrive into DPS at 11:45AM12:4...

  • Do you need a USA adapter to charge on united SYD - LAX

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