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  • Best way from Pudong to Shanghai

    Apr 12, 2019, 02:49 PM

    I was there a month ago and it was just easier to get a taxi from out the front. Then Maglev is cool, but when you have family, it's just easier to jump in a cab. I found I had to go up to the departures level to find an ATM that worked to get cash as the ATM's at the Arrivals area don't accept f...

  • Rental Car Toll Fees

    Dec 19, 2018, 04:09 PM

    I always ask Hertz to not include tolls. If you go to Linkt, and create an account, they have an app that allows you to register a rental car for the time you have it. You just have to enter the regi number, and the time you are using that car, and it avoids the Hertz toll charge. It was actuall ...

  • New Accor Plus Platinum Perk

    Mar 07, 2018, 03:24 PM

    That's awesome - about time.The Sofitel Gold Coast have offered this for some time - and I'm staying there again tonight and when I received a call yesterday confirming my stay they advised that I would be offered breakfast because they don't have a lounge. Great news though - a welcome benefit.

  • I’ve flown with my 5 year old and I’d also recommend doing window and isle - not 2 middle seats. I can’t remember exactly which seats we had, but I made sure I was on the window in one of the odd number seats so I was closer to Tye isle and he was slightly in front of me so I co...

  • I can't wait. 

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