• Backward move. If you have that much stuff, check it in. Why the hell does anyone need 14kg of carry on that they won't/don't use on a flight as short as an hour ?

  • Govt crackdown on TRS rebates

    Mar 06, 2018, 10:35 AM

    And how many times have you claimed a TRS refund ?

  • Govt crackdown on TRS rebates

    Mar 06, 2018, 10:33 AM

    sdtravel, you're in a good position being that you're travelling with family. The TRS refund is claimed in YOUR name, but another family member brings it back in their luggage. Where's the problem ? :)

  • Except platinum and above

  • Because Pete, they bank on peeps NOT doing the sums as you have, and as most FF's would do.Further indication that QF are treating us like chumps.

  • Originally Posted by patrickk I think IFE is a privilege not a right. I have had faulty ones from time to time; it goes with the territory. I am glad they gave you a $100 most would not. Are you serious ?People pay for EVERY SINGLE amenity on every single flight.

  • Just wondering if there are others here who are members of Qudos Bank, formerly QSCU (Qantas Staff Credit Union).I got an email recently which pretty much said that QF points earned from the credit card use was being watered down. (Quite severely from what i remember)Does any...