• I'm now in the SIN F lounge and it's like overcrowded! It feels the same as the J lounge at the peak hours prior to the opening of the F lounge. Some of my extended family members are in the original J lounge and it's quiet over there... I think QF should limit the F lounge to F passengers, QFF C...

  • I held my breath, as my flight is this Thursday and I'm hoping they open prior so that I can be in the first lounge and have some room than the overcrowded biz lounge. Now I'm happy to have the new lounge even though it's not spectacular in terms of design but it solves the overcrowding problem a...

  • There has been RUMOURS going for a while that the Thai Airways Lounge in front of QF Lounge in SIN may vacate as Thai Airways may join SQ in either T2 or T3 and leverage on SQ lounges.. How accurate it is remains to be seen but credible given they are all *A

  • It's now available

  • I think AKL-DPS will probably appear as a QF codeshare if booked in NZ website as it's operating as a 5th freedom route as mentioned.

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  • Retaining Qantas Platinum in Asia

    Jul 04, 2019, 09:51 PM

    I’m based in SIN. I use JQ, 3K, QF to hit the 4 required. MH gives good SC if you travel in J. MH gives significant value for SC when you plan your trip in advance as their J pricing is the same as SQ Y pricing.

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