• Anything that results in additions to an aging, cracking fleet. Frankly I would be happy with a QF Contact Centre that was re-homed to Australia and spoke English! All glitter no substance.

  • If it is a scheme concocted by the Irish Village Idiot who thought it was a great idea to ask people to 'volunteer' to work over Christmas with no prospect of work, it will not end well.

  • Qantas Airbus A380 for Sydney-Tokyo

    Jun 07, 2019, 03:52 PM

    Excuse me Chris, but Qantas is already doing Sydney-Haneda A380 flights, in a rather haphazard way. How is this common knowledge? I live in the Northern Beaches of Cairns and TWICE this year, we have had a Qantas A380 diverted from the Haneda Sydney route to Cairns. All other international flight...

  • Thank you Brandon Loo for a factual article. Please would you clarify which SQ flight or aircraft have the 1-2-1 configuration which I really prefer (don't we all!) SQ is definitely my preference. One flight a day from QF ia pathetic given that Changi is now QF's hub (thanks be!).

  • Heartened to know I am far from alone in wishing AJ a happy retirement in Ireland. In the meantime, pay for more personnel on the phones! It is becoming ludicrous to hear every. single. day 'We are currently experiencing heavier than usual calls'.

  • If you can, fly to Singapore return J from either Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, but make sure to fly from one of the three that is not your hometown. This will give you a domestic add on so the journey will result in 400 status credits. Look for lower J fare night flights. Hotels for a weekend ...