• So what is happening with Bris-Sin, please? Is QF jettisoning that service and once again leaving it to SQ to pick up the fares and the loyalty? FYI Singapore has had no Covid-19 deaths, thanks to the Red Dot's experience with SARS.

  • Anything that results in additions to an aging, cracking fleet. Frankly I would be happy with a QF Contact Centre that was re-homed to Australia and spoke English! All glitter no substance.

  • If it is a scheme concocted by the Irish Village Idiot who thought it was a great idea to ask people to 'volunteer' to work over Christmas with no prospect of work, it will not end well.

  • Qantas Airbus A380 for Sydney-Tokyo

    Jun 07, 2019, 03:52 PM

    Excuse me Chris, but Qantas is already doing Sydney-Haneda A380 flights, in a rather haphazard way. How is this common knowledge? I live in the Northern Beaches of Cairns and TWICE this year, we have had a Qantas A380 diverted from the Haneda Sydney route to Cairns. All other international flight...

  • Thank you Brandon Loo for a factual article. Please would you clarify which SQ flight or aircraft have the 1-2-1 configuration which I really prefer (don't we all!) SQ is definitely my preference. One flight a day from QF ia pathetic given that Changi is now QF's hub (thanks be!).

  • If you can, fly to Singapore return J from either Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, but make sure to fly from one of the three that is not your hometown. This will give you a domestic add on so the journey will result in 400 status credits. Look for lower J fare night flights. Hotels for a weekend ...