• SQ wants to get access to the BNE/SYD/MEL to LAX route. The most profitable route in the world. This and their previous Tiger Airways attempt is how they will wriggle into it.

  • Considering Garuda was banned from flying into Europe between 2007 and 2009 for its poor safety practices and record, it's no surprise that the demand for their services on this route is limited.

  • It depends on the seats.

  • I personally believe that Qantas will order some 787-10's into their 787 fleet just as they ordered A330-300's into their A330-200 fleet years gone by. But I also believe that they'll negotiate with Airbus to flip the remaining eight A380-800's they have on order into A350-1000's.

  • You're spot on, Grannular. Qantas will negotiate the product change from the 8 remaining A380's into a fleet of A350's. on spec, on time and without any penalties for dumping the A380's. If they go Boeing, they have to leverage to dump the A380's without penalty. It's a smart move, commercially. ...

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  • Originally Posted by Chrisor I heard it a week or so ago and then again yesterday but can't find a definite answer that Qantas is to introduce only upgrading Gold or higher frequent flyers. Would this be correct? It would then be not possible for silvers or bronze members to attain an upgrade if ...

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