• Dredgy is right. Lounge is integral to the Business Class product, not a paid add-on.

  • Besides, who wants to fly over/stop over in the Middle East these days?

  • Ridiculous. 15% discount off Business Saver? That's still a lot more than current J offers on CX/SQ which include Lounge etc.EK trading on past glories, the field has caught up service-wise.I like the 2 stop product and pricing offered by AY and others for way way less. The lounge at HEL isreally...

  • The real problem is what to replace my AMEX Rewards card with, when the transfer ratio to AsiaMiles drops next month.Any ideas for a replacement card costing no more than the current $295 p.a. with a $400 travel credit, and a 1:1 transfer ratio? I could switch to a Velocity-linked card, but that...

  • JQ is QF. TT is VA. Domestically they fly the same planes. There is absolutely no reason why LCCs should have different weight restrictions [except for fleecing us]. 7 kgs is ridiculous, when a trolley can weigh 2-3 kgs when empty. Another respondent was correct...size is the main problem and tha...

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  • Thank you Michael, very useful info. It seems I should switch my AMEX Reserve Platinum to AMEX Explorer based on this advice.

  • Some of us are refugees from HK...how to earn AsiaMiles points with an Australian credit card?

  • Generally speaking, you're better off with AsiaMiles/CX availability to Europe...but the question is: which credit card is best for accruing AsiaMiles?

  • International from Hobart?

    Feb 28, 2018, 04:00 PM

    Stop thinking QF/SQ etc...think D7 with majority inbound feeding Chinese pax via KUL.Some outbound potential, esp. Premium Flatbed.

  • Oneworld Round The World Booking

    Jan 19, 2018, 04:04 PM

    One more tip: once you've agreed an itinerary and a fare, get your agent to book using your credit card direct with the lead airline [they take AMEX] whereas if you pay the agent you'll be up for at least 2% in credit card fees.

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