• I wish one of the airlines would fly Melbourne to Osaka. Two major cities and in 30 years of flying to Japan I have never seen this connection. If you fly with Qantas, unless you connect through Sydney you have the dreaded choice of using Jetstar in Japan from Osaka to Tokyo.

  • Qantas platinum will definitely get you in. Enjoy!

  • JAL is really fussy with their rules, so you might be unlucky - usually lounge access is based on your next flight, not the previous one.

  • I have been pleasantly surprised with the service on some recent BA flights (and the food was just fine), so it will be great to see the end of those reverse seats. These look really comfortable and someone has seriously thought about storage space, so I look forward to giving them a go.

  • Qantas launches Lifetime Platinum

    Jun 20, 2019, 01:03 PM

    I have avoided the general criticism of Qantas as there are always good and bad days when you travel. Overall I have been very happy with the airline.75,000 status points is simply offensive. If you flew this much you would be on first name basis with most of the Qantas crew. The chances of reach...

  • I think the issue is within Qantas. I have had the same problem with getting credits for Finnair, Jetstar (?) and JAL flights. Each time the only answer was to lodge a complaint. The call center used by Qantas was very rude and always took a defensive stance instead of trying to fix the problem. ...