• The only reason I flew Air NZ was to get the Velocity points/status credits. No reason to do so now, so will stick with Virgin on the trans tasman flights. I agree with Zac above that Air NZ loses access to a big FF base and I wonder how many think similarly.

  • I'm another one that doesn't want to move away from Virgin, but looking at Qantas is becoming a possibility.Virgin should take a good look at the Delta offerings.  I always fly Delta in the US, usually in their equivalent to Economy X (Comfort +).  Same flight times as here in Aus and C...

  • Virgin to launch new business class

    Jul 07, 2017, 03:44 PM

    That's great if you or your company pays for business class, but doesn't help much if you're stuck in economy on a 737 to/from Perth.  

  • I've been flying Economy X since they introduced it.  It's only the extra leg room that I get as I'm also VA Gold. I'm happy to pay the extra $$ for this but would love it if they introduced a few things like Delta in the US.  A better snack for Economy X customers (I think the current ...

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