• On many occasions, young families have been ushered into these rooms, much to the relief of all involved.  I suggest that the 'offices' are better suited to containing families and additional work desks be provided in the body of the Lounge.

  • Whilst we have a divided nation, politically and socially, we have little hope of free travel anywhere.  Our founding fathers clearly did not envision the 'united' Federation that we are now saddled with.

  • Thank you for the comprehensive review.  I was prompted to redeem points for a Harbour suite over three nights.  At 40,000 points per suite, I am a happy person!  The amenities look appropriate for a PH but what Auckland needed was a gorgeous hotel pool.

  • I travel once a year F to Europe and several J class flights domestically and thus I am a nobody to Qantas but my guess is there are many of us whom individually are nobodies but collectively, if we are unable to access service when we need it, will become a voice of discontent.  My husband ...

  • I find the Arabic dining options in the First Class Lounge to be particularly fine - usually light, fresh and tasty. The recent breakfast option of foul mesdames was a standout!

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  • It is my experience that an amenity 'kit' and pyjamas will be supplied on a 'day' flight if asked for politely but I suspect that as a full fare paying passenger, maybe this makes a difference.

  • My preference is to use cash when possible and thus I keep various currencies in a Smythson currency wallet - one for European currencies and another for the rest of the world. Travel cards and various loyalty cards are kept with the appropriate currency and coins are stored in the plastic coin ...

  • With children, I would opt for the night EK flight out of MEL - this is the perfect flight to ensure some sleep. Breakfast in DXB will fill the time and reorient the body clock and from there it is an easyish flight to Rome, arriving early afternoon. This timetable is the easiest on youngsters ...

  • I have always been served Dom Perignon in the air and on the ground at some ports; but Moet is served before departure on the ground in MEL.

  • I have only ever flown F on Emirates and each time I have purchased a QF ticket to maintain status.

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