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  • I've flown the EY A380 numerous times (most recently in June) and never been redirected to the Air NZ lounge. It could be a matter of redirecting platinums once hitting a certain capacity in the Etihad lounge though.

  • Syd VA Lounge - Nespresso pop-up

    Apr 14, 2017, 11:36 AM

    Recently was in the Sydney VA lounge and they are running a Nespresso pop-up in replacement of their usual barista manned coffee machines.I spoke to the lounge staff and they said it was only running in Sydney, and only for the month of April, however if successful Virgin may extend (replace?) or...

  • I'm flying from MEL > LAX on Apr 15 and from the looks of the Virgin Aus website there isn't any lounge access pre-flight. Does anybody know or have experience on if this is correct? Or if ground staff are handing out lounge passes to an affiliate lounge?I'm flying j class + plat velocity.

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