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  • Holy Bibles in hotel rooms

    Feb 28, 2018, 03:51 PM

    I'm a non-observing Anglican but it seems to be a tradition that has been in place for many years. I see no reason to change it. It isn't hurting me or anyone else. If other religions want to provide their sacred texts for hotel rooms, I'm sure hotels will be pleased to listen.

  • Quick advice on MEL-SYD flights

    Oct 11, 2017, 08:53 PM

    As you are from the US, I presume you would have baggage.Jetstar and Tiger will charge for that, Qantas and VA have a generous 23kg (50.7lbs) limit. I've flown that route with VA many times and have always been happy. I've never had an issue with them. I'm sure QF is very similar. It is only a 1 ...

  • I've heard the United one is pretty good.

  • Originally Posted by Jazzop : Just throwing this out there..... wouldn't it be interesting if VA got the jump on QF and did this instead.  And take the opportunity to replace the 330s and 777s at the same time. I know they have their money issues right now, but think about it, it would be a...

  • Cathay Pacific to HKG and then American to DFW. 

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