• Love the concept of this, especially when flying more than 3 hours on a 738 or equivalent. If these were to become reality, wouldn't an airline spread the cost across all seats, both business and economy? This way there would be no loss in revenue per sector. Perhaps less Red-Edeals or smaller b...

  • Agree with the majority on this one. From the T & C noted on the qantas compare credit cards. The offer cannot be used to move you from Platinum to Platinum One Qantas Frequent Flyer membership nor can a Platinum One member use the status credits to retain the Platinum One membership status. ...

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  • Over the last 18 months on my 120+ flights with QFF platinum Q-tags on luggage, I rarely if ever, see my bags first when flying domestically. Generally I have enough time to make it to the lounge in Sydney, get a coffee and make it to the carousel before my bags arrive.

  • Partner tried to join Q Club using the ANZ Black Visa Promo.  3 hours on hold only to be told they know nothing about it.I call premium call centre, problem resolved within 10 minutes and waived the express postage fee to apologise.  So, a terrible and a great experience, dependent on s...

  • SYD and MEL QF J lounges are sub par.  There is often a line up for the male amenities, that are also in need of a refurb.

  • Upgrade confirmed at time of booking

    Jun 07, 2017, 12:17 PM

    Have booked SYD-PER return in August.  Requested upgrade on the PER-SYD leg and have had this confirmed at the time of booking, points deducted already.  I'm QFF Platinum and upgrades are never usually confirmed before 48hrs prior.  Has this changed?

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