• Wonder what the local authorities are thinking – surely Australia/NZ don't have the same risk as places like the US, UK or South Africa?!

  • Enforcing the full 1.5m restriction would force only one seat to be taken in a row of 3, and then only every second row filled. That's a maximum capacity of 28 people on a normal 737!

  • Agree -- confused as to why Hong Kong would be picked when Cathay is still flying to Sydney at the moment and no foreign residents are able to enter the city anyway.

  • Emirates shuffles Australian flights

    Sep 28, 2018, 10:22 PM

    Don't think so. The runway closure is only 45 days in April/May 2019, while the schedule changes are for other times: https://www.dubaiairports.ae/corporate/media-centre/fact-sheets/detail/southern-runway-rehabilitation-programme

  • I'm fairly sure they're meant to be in inches, but they're just rounded down conversions, e.g. 29 in = 73.66 cm which rounds down to 73 cm. I've never seen an aircraft with seat pitches actually installed in cm.

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  • Minimum connection time at HKG is 60 min (CX/KA 50 min) so it would be quite tight, don't think EK will through check baggage below MCT. If you need to collect baggage not a chance.If you're familiar with the airport and there aren't any flight or transit delays then it's possible, but if you hav...

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