• Agree -- confused as to why Hong Kong would be picked when Cathay is still flying to Sydney at the moment and no foreign residents are able to enter the city anyway.

  • Emirates shuffles Australian flights

    Sep 28, 2018, 10:22 PM

    Don't think so. The runway closure is only 45 days in April/May 2019, while the schedule changes are for other times: https://www.dubaiairports.ae/corporate/media-centre/fact-sheets/detail/southern-runway-rehabilitation-programme

  • I'm fairly sure they're meant to be in inches, but they're just rounded down conversions, e.g. 29 in = 73.66 cm which rounds down to 73 cm. I've never seen an aircraft with seat pitches actually installed in cm.

  • If this is true, it looks like it will be arriving/departing from HKG at exactly the same time as the current SYD flight. Does that mean there will be changes to the flight from SYD?

  • In their March 2018 analysts briefing, they mentioned that they're working on "greatly improved food", especially in their premium cabins.Whether it'll actually be much of an improvement remains to be seen though.

  • Minimum connection time at HKG is 60 min (CX/KA 50 min) so it would be quite tight, don't think EK will through check baggage below MCT. If you need to collect baggage not a chance.If you're familiar with the airport and there aren't any flight or transit delays then it's possible, but if you hav...