• Hi Chris,I called Amex last night and was advised:1. The DJ Amex does NOT exclude you from the 100k bonus points offer. 2. The corporate Amex DOES exclude you from the 100k bonus point offer. As this affects me, I tried to argue the point as I rarely use it but it’s compulsory for my job....

  • What card do you use when you cannot use an amex?

  • Chris, based on past offers, when do you think Amex is likely to launch another 100k QF bonus pts offer for the Qantas Ultimate card? Thanks!

  • - I am flying on Jetstar from Sydney to Honolulu;- have a complimentary a Qantas Club access pass;- am not a Qantas Club member; and- do not have a Qantas boarding passCan I access the lounge? Thanks.

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  • Hey all,Does anyone know how to access the free qantas epiquire/wine membership with this card? On the pointhacks website it says:Complimentary Qantas Wine Premium membershipWorth $99 a year, a premium membership to Qantas Wine, food & champagne portal gives you a bonus 3 points per $ spent a...

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