• This is quite disappointing given that Thai has also recently cut their afternoon SYD-BKK flight. I was booked on that flight and then changed to the morning flight. A day before I flew, Thai called and offered to change me to Emirates (assume Thai was buying the seat) because C & F were ov...

  • It seems pretty dumb to allow people who are not flying to add to the queues for security.  If it reduces the queues for those of us that actually need to fly then I'm all for it

  • Airbus A380 bar wars

    Jul 17, 2017, 03:04 PM

    +1 for the Emirates bar.  I like how the staff treat it as something fun and unique.  On my last flight they were taking polaroids of us pretending to serve drinks behind the bar

  • A couple of points to note on this flight.  There's no bag storage above 19J & K due to crew equipment.  The overhead storage will not take a normal size cabin bag so you will find that stored for you downstairs.TG471 & TG472 are often an old cabin fit out compared to the one in...

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  • I flew first and both directions were a pretty old e200. On the way to BKK the driver kept falling asleep. His speed was slow and erratic and he was drifting in the lane. We had to keep talking loudly to keep him awake. It was a terrible experience and I made a complaint

  • I'm a big fan of the Emirates bar but EK419 arrival time in BKK is around 1am so don't forget to factor in schedules.  You get the limo service with Emirates though.

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