• Great to see Qantas back on this route - have great memories of flying this route in December 1968,  similar timing, left a little earlier as the 707 had to stop in Mauritius..  A very comfortable flight as I recall, even in economy, though cost astronomical in today's dollars.

  • Agree with those who favour the A330 over the others in Y - travelling as a couple the 2-4-2 configuration is a big plus (as long as we secure the 2 on the side)

  • Looks interesting - but it sounds like it is designed for American cork sealed bottles - will it work with our screw tops.The other easy solution would be for the wine companies to put some better wines in the 187 ml bottles that are served on board - just the right size for a single glass in th...

  • I agree with ian62 about the change to Croser on VA Perth flights on A330 - good to support Aussie product but the French fizz on boarding was a really nice touch and I think was worth the few dollars extra to management.I also thought the quality of the wine was down recently - I am suspicious o...

  • Would be great to see a return of direct flights from Perth to Japan!  Would take Jetstar if necessary - surely there are enough skiers for seasonal flights at least

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