• Completely agree. If I am flying PER-SYD or PER-MEL, the quality of the 737 doesn't come close to the 330. If I'm being slugged $1,200 each way, then for a 737, there should be a discount on this to something closer to the economy end of $200 rather than the premium 330 end of the price spectrum.

  • I miss the battery life...

  • Back to the original topic, I agree with @OzGobal that it is a challenge to match what we expect in the way of Business Class here, in Europe, where other infrastructure serves as well or better.To throw my tuppenny in on the debate of HSR in Australia, there is a focus on return on investment in...

  • Pity no one has mentioned the best peated whiskeys in the world...everyone knows the Scots stole the recipe from the Irish....try the Connemara Cask Strength, now there's a whiskey that comes straight from the bog :)

  • A pity I can't bring my pensioner mother as well as my wife :) I believe she is probably at least as well behaved as a 10 year old :)

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  • Recommendations for Singapore hotels

    May 31, 2019, 03:23 PM

    I have to go with the Intercontinental in Bugis Junction. The lounge is great place to while away the late afternoon, the Unerground station is 3 minutes walk. Bugis Junction has excellent food offerings and is attached to the building via a covered walkway (in the event of rain).Taxis are a pain...

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