• Qantas business class upgrade guide

    Nov 17, 2017, 03:59 PM

    I find it strange that people complain they don't get free upgrades or points upgrades when they want one. All this served with the usual Qantas-bashing as a side dish. You want guaranteed business class? Simple: pay for it! There, done, no problem. You don't have to employ strategies to get t...

  • Wow - there's just so much sense of entitlement here! I'm QFF Platinum and LTG and I'm thankful for both. Just how much recognition people seem to think they deserve is rather astounding. Some seem to forget that these perks are all side benefits - all you really pay for are the flights, not the ...

  • I just hope they don't put in those awful Cathay/Cathay Dragon regional business class seats.  It is impossible to get comfortable in those if you are tall. 

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