• As a non-Australian, the piece I find incredible is that Australians accept these arrival caps on citizens. I don't think our government would legally be able to keep citizens out. Quarantine yes but not caps. 

  • Ailing Cathay bets big on service

    Aug 31, 2017, 12:31 AM

    Indeed, mainland carriers, in my limited experience, are worse but that is not the point. The comparison I make is between CX today and CX a decade ago. Apart from the hard product (I have flown Y, J and F in recent years) the difference is in the cabin service. CX used to be in the same category...

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  • Having flown Cathay a few times this year in Business and having been a Marco Polo Club member for 17 years, I have a few thoughts. First of all, while the service on average is not as warm as I remember on my first flights, CX is still going well. Good hard product, good food and the world's bes...

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