• I think adding more airlines to Oneworld is easier than done. Firstly, most quality airlines are already part of alliances so it would perhaps be more of a game of luring members from other alliances. I doubt Oneworld is targeting the LCC market.  I think Oneworld should be focusing mor...

  • How do transfers work between Rex flights? For example, MEL to ARM via SYD on all Rex flights.My understanding is Rex would check you and your baggage all the way to your destination; and also has an interline agreement with Virgin Australia. Is that correct? Thanks.

  • Correction - Side note: I've noticed Qantas is selling tickets with KLM flying between Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile and vice versa.

  • Hi Antipodean,If you are booked on the Rio to Santiago flight under the QF codeshare flight number, you will still get status credits in the same way as though you were on a Qantas flight.However, if you are booked under the LATAM flight number, you will not get status credits. It seems LATAM wil...

  • Slight correction: I meant RAM flights AT230 (CMN-PKX) and AT231 (PKX-CMN)

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  • Qantas Club TV

    Feb 28, 2021, 05:26 PM

    Just have ABC on one side and Sky News on the other side of the lounge or bar. Everyone can choose their preference, and everyone can enjoy their TV in peace. It's supposed to be a relaxing lounge after all.No need for safe spaces and cancel culture. A Qantas lounge is for all different customers...

  • I would suspect a promotional DSC campaign may be likely in the later half of the year to get people booking more flights. It would coincide with Qantas restarting international flights and also most of the vaccine rollout having been completed.While Qantas would normally hold a DSC promotion in ...

  • Traveller etiquette

    Feb 28, 2021, 05:15 PM

    I would have asked the flight attendant to get him to turn it down. I'm sure you were not the only frustrated person. Besides, you need to be able to hear instructions and announcements.Unfortunately, I have to concur with the other comments about inconsiderate mindless bogans.

  • I had to cancel a domestic roundtrip for April on 28 February 2020. I requested a refund to my credit card but I am still waiting on it. While refunds normally take 7 days, I have heard Qantas may be taking around 6 weeks at the moment. I cannot even contact Qantas right now due to the chaos. I w...

  • School trip - access money

    Feb 29, 2020, 02:05 PM

    My apologies - the no-fee travel card option is only provided by MasterCard Prepaid on the Qantas Travel Money card. The same does not apply to Cash Passport.Travelex and the 7 Eleven Prepaid Visa Travel Money cards are no ATM withdrawal fee options.

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