• From Australia to Europe the appeal of the wonderful A380 on the first long leg to Dubai is paramount, and with the time available the bar more than adds to the business class experience.Very glad to hear that Emirates will continue with the A380- and the bar!

  • Total disgrace- you support an airline for years, build loyalty credits which give some reward for your support and keep you happy to continue supporting it, and then it trashes your loyalty by binning the services upon which you based your loyalty?I am old, mainly fly with hand luggage and check...

  • Wonderful machine- $AUD300,000 equivalent in US, well over $AUD450,000 in Australia!Why the difference?

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  • ADL-BNE flights

    Aug 27, 2018, 02:41 PM

    Just been advised of change to flight tines for Nov 29- and notice that direct flights are now in a 717- pretty cheesed off as I booked way back in business on the usual 737.Why would Qantas change? Probably time I changed from Qantas if that is the way they treat us!

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