• So what happened to the talk that BNE-PER-CDG was on the cards for late this year with the next 787 deliveries? The QF dispute with PER airport must be really bad?

  • "savvy passengers head for the car at the very front of the Heathrow Express, in the direction of travel, because when you arrive at Paddington Station this will put you right in front of the entrance to the Tube network"Unless you want to travel on the Hammersmith or Circle tube lines, in which ...

  • The eastern part of the Elizabeth line will connect Liverpool Street and other key stations to Paddington this coming December. You'll need to change there to either Heathrow Express or the western part of the Elizabeth line(formerly Heathrow Connect) to get to LHR. Full through-service under Pad...

  • quick correction:"Heathrow, where all trains will service Terminals 2 and 4 before branching off..."....should read will service Terminals 2 and 3; andquick clarification:Heathrow Express will continue to provide a non-stop service taking 15 minutes, every 15 minutes to Paddington mainline statio...

  • btw, won't be the same plane, just the same aircraft type. It'll need more than a 90 minute breather after flying from Europe. Stick some chewy under your seat to check!

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  • QF118 lounge access at Hong Kong

    Jan 17, 2018, 04:27 PM

    If you're travelling with dependent children then the Qantas HK option comes into its own. Qantas will let them all in under 18 years without needing a guest pass. Cathay needs a guest pass for each child unless they are travelling in J.

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