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  • Ok, cancel my last. My mistake; that flight is a 777-300ER as shown on her e-ticket but seat guru have it shown as a 777-200. Mystery solved.

  • Hi, my sister's booked on EK440 from DXB - ADL tomorrow and her e-ticket shows her being in seat 05F. I checked just now on seat guru and the 777-200LR aircraft doesn't appear to have a seat 5F. I wonder where she'll be seated as business class is rows 6 and 7 and there is no row 5. Anyone had t...

  • Ah.....ok! Thanks for that👍

  • I'm trying to figure out the best seats in business class on four flights LHR to ADL return, using the seatguru website. When I put the flight numbers in it says that the Boeing 777-300 has three aircraft versions. Is there a way to find out which one will be my aircraft? Thanks in advance.

  • Am flying out of BCN to Doha on 2nd June at 9am and have just seen on the Qatar site that both BCN lounges are closed on Saturdays.Does Qatar have an arrangement to use another airline lounge at BCN? I can't believe it!

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