• SQ adds another Perth-Singapore A350

    Jun 14, 2019, 06:23 PM

    My confusion with all these planes -will there be a Premium Economy option from Perth?

  • This isn’t in an airport but the pre Helicopter flight Lounge and lift at the Peninsula Hong King is pretty cool

  • I also think the PE on the 787 has been underrated. It is not Business class and that's what is obviously preferable. However the Front row of PE is pretty good, with the current Otoman provided as foot rest, nice service , use of Business toilet and snackbar , priority entry. After a month of f...

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  • Originally Posted by Warragul My last journey through Doha at that time, a 3 hour transit, bypassed the lounges and paid for a massage and swim. Only person in the pool and 1 other getting a massage. More relaxing than clamouring for a seat while waiting for a shower. Felt great hopping on the n...

  • Which Qantas Perth Lounge can I use?

    Jul 20, 2018, 03:17 PM

    If departing in emirates I would make my way to the departure Terminal and use the Emirates Lounge. It’s far nicer the Qantas International Lounge.

  • Wow the $2500 PE would be well worth it. Just returned LAX-Mel front row of PE on the Dreamliner and We were happy enough with it. Qantas is trying an ottoman cube in that row which was pretty good. It's a long time since I flew anything but Business and my husband is 6'3. It's not Business but f...

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