• shame, I liked select a lot. I actually preferred it to black which typically ends up being a very old and used Holden Caprice, I much prefer a newer car even if it doesn't have HC plates.

  • Wish they would copy the JAP Premium economy. So much room and reclines within a fixed shell, also has leg support which really helped me get some rest on recent trip back from Tokyo

  • That sucks, I'm in J on EY451 booked using Virgin points in September, what are my chances of getting moved to the as a380?

  • Yeah I was surprised by that. It would be great if they sold bunk slots to economy / PE fliers. So they could book 4-6 hours in a bunk to break up the monotony of 22 hours in a seat. A bit like a sleeping pod at the airport.

  • I'm going to be flying PE from BCN -> SYD in September of next year (one way).Looks like I need 50k asia miles to upgrade us both on the BCN HK leg. A few questions:1. What credit card has the best sign up deal.2. Given its instant upgrade, what are my chances of getting an upgrade around jan ...

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