• They've reduced the card benefits on Platinum Charge/Centurion so much now - it's hard to see why anyone would want these now? Compared to, say, the Platinum Edge which is effectively 'free' with the $200 travel voucher.

  • I would also suggest using the Round-The-World option when planning your itinerary. It allows you to understand which carriers fly to where, what options are available in terms of stopovers, and you can save itineraries. It's a good way to test routes before trying to book the reward flights. No...

  • PER -> LHR J seats don't feel new at all. They're perfectly fine, but realistically didn't feel any real difference between those and the A380/A330 business seats, except that there is aisle access for all if I remember correctly. The food was superior, but the seat itself just felt old.

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