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  • Yes that is why I am disappointed.

  • Originally Posted by nige00160 The responsibility of ensuring you receive the points should reside with the company that sent you the offer. When you accepted the offer did you receive any sort of confirmation ? Yes now hilton had reply that they will sort out. But you are right our company lega...

  • Originally Posted by GSP I thought Hilton didn't have a Platinum level with the equivalent being Diamond? Yes Sorry for the mistakes it is Diamond

  • I am a Platinum member with Hilton and Centurion with AMEX.There was a promotion to transfer points and get 50% bonus. I did not receive the promised bonus points and Hilton said it is not their problem. AMEX Centurion said it is Hilton's problem. NOT WORTH THE TIME TALKING TO THEM. JUST GO ROUND...

  • APEC Business Travel Card question

    Aug 06, 2018, 06:52 PM

    i make my renewal of APEC card on 22 Feb 2018 But did not get any reply except invoice for payment. I need urgently to to Singapore and china fo finalised business.

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