• With all of Qantas's dire warnings about how long it will take for it to be back in the air, one has to wonder whether Qantas branded credit cards are worth the annual fee!

  • Foolishly, I opted for the voucher for a return Business Class trip to Singapore scheduled for May this year. The cheapest (Business Sale) fare on the Qantas web site for a comparable period next year (February) is over $1000 more for exactly the same itinerary and same fare category. Don't have...

  • Instead of delivering platitudes, it would help if Singapore Airlines would answer the phone and give refunds for cancelled flights.

  • The voucher system is clearly unreasonable as witnessed by this on-going discussion. When it comes to using the voucher, however, you MUST "purchase" a fare that is either equivalent, or higher, in value than the voucher. In the vast majority of cases you will therefore have to pay more for what ...

  • Perhaps one lesson to be learned is that, if you are travelling to Europe in the future, book with a European airline covered by EU reimbursement/cancellation conditions. Flight cancelled by airline: money back. Who can argue with that?

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