• How does the JAL quarantine fee work. Does that mean that it can cover half of the quarantine fee when going to Singapore for example ? Do you have more details on how this would work ?

  • Good news, I remember KE was one of the first airlines to install wifi with connection by boeing back in 2005 or 2006. They had invested alot in it and were even certified to carry out the modifications themselves until boeing pulled the plug on the whole project... nice to see they're back in th...

  • Why do you need an A330 in PER for that ? You have a non stop flight to LHR, EK already flies their A380s into PER and CX already flies into PER with a daily A350.The only thing upgauging to an A330 will do is flood the market even more. QF loyalists will fly QF regardless.

  • FIJI, Juneyao and Olympic technically.And you conveniently said 3 years, increase that to 4 and you have Air India, Sri Lankan, Latam and Garuda.Alliances aren't as dead as you think.

  • God help us if Hogan is chosen, hopefully someone completely unknown to most of us comes in. Virgin needs it.

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  • Originally Posted by khtbtravels Fares for PE/business class to Europe with Vietnam airlines are cheaper than other airlines but you need a transit visa and that is too inconvenient to fly with VN airlines. I don't know about Hanoi but I've transitted multiple times in HCMC from international to...

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