• I always though the best thing about Neil Perry were his various marscapone berry trifles, which never found their way onto the Qantas menus. I agree that the partnership is old getting. I reckon the only involvement Mr Perry has with the Qantas kitchen these days is picking up his monthly cheque

  • Blade's NY to JFK helicopter service

    May 09, 2019, 01:17 PM

    I could really see this working in Melbourne (assuming a reasonable price point). Down to Melbourne for the day, no bags, and traffic is hell on the Tulla, I reckon quite a few people would drop $150 ish on a helicopter into the CBD. There’s even a pad down near the corner of Flinders and ...

  • Perhaps a Melbourne person could clarify if the Ritz Carlton is the building going up with the Deague signage ? Down near LaTrobe St ?

  • That meat in the salad .... looks like devon

  • A martini before breakfast ... now that’s living large

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  • I always thought of this lounge as the Barnaby Lounge. Now he’s relocated up to Armidale will we see a new QP at ARM with a kiddies zone?

  • With the vast bulk of VA’s operations being domestic, they should get the holes in their domestic lounge network plugged before starting with international lounges. As others have pointed out, there are usually other lounge options when flying internationally

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