• Now for a decent frequent flyer program for REX and things could then start to get real interesting!

  • It’s funny, I have the instant reaction of ‘it must have a door otherwise it’s not as luxury’.. but when I flew first class with Lufthansa last year, I really missed the human connection and ‘openness’. The doors (divider) shut made me feel more isolated and le...

  • *A or Skyteam, both are fine with me. The reality is that Virgin can become competitive in the hybrid model by working with an alliance. *A makes sense with Singapore as a partner. While I suspect Delta would have invested in VA prior to covid, I no longer believe they have the cash to do this so...

  • For me, I wonder if there IS an airline left that the economics for an A380 actually works for. The reason? There could be a LOT of them going cheaply now.. And, for the right routes, at the right second hand price, that could be the perfect recipe for an airline to pick up a stack of them and ma...

  • It was a round the world fare that virgin australia and virgin atlantic were offering.. VA Aus to HKG, VS to LHR, VS to LAX, VA to Aus

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  • Virgin Australia selling two A330's?

    Feb 25, 2020, 01:10 PM

    Originally Posted by Dan22 Not selling, just transferring lease. Interesting... I'm assuming it's because East - West coast flights aren't as profitable as the 737's.. And now no HKG flights and only Japan as the A330 destination outside Aus. I wonder if they will put the A330 MEL/SYD - DPS? Wou...

  • Virgin Australia selling two A330's?

    Feb 24, 2020, 06:13 PM

    I flew on a Virgin Australia A330 recently and one of the cabin crew told me that VA have sold 2xA330's (or are in the process of) to Virgin Atlantic. Wondering if this is gossip or true?

  • I've done both.. Virgin hands down. Much nicer experience overall. The only thing I like about Singapore over VA on those routes is the A380 or 787 compared to the noisy 777's.

  • A little trick, call them 3 to 7 days out.. You'll occasionally get a nice person who will upgrade you if there are more than a certain number of business seats available.. Although this has only worked for me domestically.. And I am platinum

  • We've booked 100+ trips for work and no one has ever been asked

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