• How so? A (presumed) meat eater saying they're not interested in a vegan menu is no different to a vegan saying they're not interested in a beef menu, so the same comment could be made in reverse: but, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and to eat what they choose.

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  • Possible Quick Win for VA

    Nov 09, 2018, 05:52 PM

    I think Virgin has enough trouble getting one lounge in place to be thinking about giving multiple options. So many of VA's international flights have no lounge at all, even for business class! If they're going to do anything, that would be the priority. Places like Fiji come to mind, along with ...

  • Over the past year or two, Etihad has been making cut after cut after cut. I used to fly Etihad a lot, but when they started whittling away the things that made them different (the lounge's nail salon, pyjamas, airport transfers, the Etihad Guest programme giving less miles when you fly and more ...

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