Possible Quick Win for VA

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Just been thinking, how would people react if Virgin Australia was to implement something like alliances do, allow your WP and SG access to a combination of lounges, especially now that they have their own lounge in some Australian International ports. I mean, allow people to access House for any flight and not just direct them to only have access to SQ lounge before SQ flight...

wishful thinking perhaps...

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Yes, I would say wishful thinking because these are still not Virgin lounges, they are contract lounges so VA has to pay a set fee for every guest, so the more choice they offer travellers the more they would end up paying.


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I think Virgin has enough trouble getting one lounge in place to be thinking about giving multiple options. So many of VA's international flights have no lounge at all, even for business class! If they're going to do anything, that would be the priority. Places like Fiji come to mind, along with PNG, Solomon Islands, Apia and so on. Not big business markets I'm sure but even as Velocity Gold, if there's no lounge at the airport then the reasons to fly VA are slim if other airlines have better fares or flight times...


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Yep had the disappointment of Fiji earlier this year. At least there was a bar downstairs with little creatures on tap.

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