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  • Amora on Jamison and Travelodge at Wynyard are also being used.

  • As long as you are on same PNR, I believe it is only right to board together. Wife does 1/2 travel a year, I do 2 a week. When we travel together I get her to board with me or it may get very uncomfortable :P

  • Status Credits from Coles

    Mar 13, 2019, 08:39 AM

    got mine yesterday, so I think this month may be delayed.... but then again, velocity has not been the fastest to credit the status credits...

  • It may be a glitch and I hope it works for you as well, when I was called by SQ to check if I wanted to upgrade to J for 999$ I was given full business SC for Virgin Australia... 120SC vs 20 I was initially to earn

  • If you can, then would suggest you do it.1. Free Economy X seating2. Soft landing to gold3. Retaining is easier than attaining, so next year less SC needed to maintain platinum

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