• What’s the point of a travel bubble? Assuming Australia replicates this requirement, it will add $1200 to a family of four’s holiday!

  • Not available outside Singapore, unfortunately!

  • Now if only there was a way to flag the obnoxious wanna be frequent flyer. You know the ones I'm talking about. They expect the world of the crew, keep their window shade open when everyone else is sleeping, watch their iPad without earphones, have loud conversations with other passengers (even o...

  • Bring on congee and yum cha for breakfast in Melbourne!While the Spice Bar is a great addition, by opening at 12 it doesn’t do anything for Melbourne-based travelers who fly out in the morning.

  • A totally separate sound proof area for whiny Platinum card members, that way my kids who fly F can enjoy the lounge as it was intended - for people actually flying F. (Why do so many people hate kids btw?)

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