• Does the APEC Business Travel Card permit you to bring family members / companions through the diplomatic queue? Or does each person need a card?

  • Any idea when this will reopen in Melbourne? Nothing available yet, even for First and Business. 

  • This seems way generous. 3 stars at best. For how many months did we have to endure paper plates and plastic cups? Is the food really that good (compared to MEL or BNE)? And the layout and furniture is pretty tired. This is the worst domestic Business lounge in the entire network, and arguably th...

  • Also again, if you’ve already done enough flying to retain that status to 2024, this doesn’t mean you get another 12 months of gratis status, with Qantas stating “the status extension is offered as support for members who aren’t able to retain in their own right....

  • With two flights they could’ve scheduled day and night flights each way. SQ offers so much better scheduling (and soft product, and hard product, and lounge experience, and…)

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