• Using the APEC line outbound recently, the customs official gave me lip about how the card means nothing to them when in Australia and departing ...W.T.H!In hindsight, I waited longer with the crew than the regular pleb queue so the benefit was negated.

  • Very noice article. Please do one on bikes (including mountain bikes) now :)

  • The world's ten best road trips

    May 30, 2018, 06:52 PM

    Except a section of the PCH Big Sur is closed, sending you doubling back to the freeway with no crossroads in between.

  • Managed to find two reward seats in biz out of SYD - HKG, which was a slight challenge, but eco appears to have good availability since the announcement of the route. Sense this wont last long though. Now the sheer luck that it was, biz out of HKG - LHR matched my itinerary dates so that worked o...

  • It's already useless. Hilton doesn't recognise the ongoing Platinum status. It's a one off upgrade at the beginning and up to you to maintain the Diamond status. 

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