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  • Thai airways ROP contact

    Aug 17, 2022, 07:40 PM

    Can anybody help me.I have a Thai airways booking through ROP program since just before covid. Thai have extended the ticket but I can’t get hold of anybody to rebook this with. All their offices seem to be still shut. I’d just like to speak to someone on the phone to rebookThanks

  • 5mg of melatonin compounded. Doesn’t make me feel groggy next day and can still work without that hangover feeling, unlike others. Need a prescription in Aus for this. Ask pharmacist to compound as normally only 2mg available. Try to exercise each day, especially at the start of a trip.Also...

  • Status match Qantas to Qatar

    Apr 23, 2019, 08:04 PM

    Has anyone any experience with requesting Qatar status match Qantas gold. All my flights are international and generally with one work partners, hence do not gain sufficient status credits or Legs on Qants/Jetstar to regain status. Thanks.

  • Haneda arrivals lounge

    Feb 03, 2019, 10:09 AM

    Flyng into Haneda monday morning. Need some advice on what arrivals lounges are available? Land at 6:30am, just need to shower and freshen up. Flying with Singapore, have star alliance gold. Many thanks.

  • Originally Posted by dlam Hi all,I’m diversifying a bit this year and did a big spreadsheet of my Star Alliance flights. I’ll earn Star Alliance Gold with both Krisflyer and Asiana by June and can’t decide where to credit. Any ideas? I’m based in London with quite a lot o...

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