• airlines generally pay a higher merchant fee given associated risks.. they wouldn't be paying 0.5% and certainly not on amex or Diners cards

  • its not the processing cost - a merchant will pay more in fees on a $20,000 transaction that a $1000.. so no it's not the same cost. the more you put through a CC faciity the more the merchant pays

  • So? Qantas have rewarded you for your "lifetime" of flying with Lifetime silver.. And your hand is still out! 

  • and I'll point out if you had a lifetime of flying Qantas - you'd be lifetime gold already. I've been a member since 1995, but really didn't travel much until 2005, now 10 years later I am almost lifetime gold. 

  • wow talk about want want want! Here's a tip, it isn't discrimination.. I hate it when people just bandy that word around.  So Qantas have already rewarded your loyalty with Lifetime Silver so you won't ever drop below that. and really to keep Qantas gold is not that hard if you are already ...

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